Specialising in:

  • Tailored Meal Plans
  • Recipe Creation
  • Fitness Plans
  • Assisted Grocery Lists/Shopping


Jaz began her business Jaz Culinary as a way to share her love of food and health. After beginning her nutrition studies, Jaz noticed the astounding misinformation about nutrition that is portrayed in the media. The “healthy” way of thinking had been distorted by Instagram influencers, fad diets, quick weight loss hacks and much more. Jaz decided to launch her very own meal planning and nutrition company to help others regain their love of food, cooking, and learn real, scientific based health habits. By providing evidence based nutritional guidance, Jaz knows her clients will be receiving beneficial help- that’s not from a silly fad diet promoted on Insta!

“Jaz understands my nutritional needs and listens to my food preferences.”

Emily G.

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